Alison Stevenson- on why to hire a professional florist.

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I am so happy to have Alison guest write on my blog for you today! As a seasoned photographer, she has plenty of experience in the wedding field and as the person who is behind the lens, she sees everything that goes on. The photographer has a special spot in these events as they get to witness all of the intricate facets that go along with getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception of the wedding day. I am fortunate to get such a wonderful perspective from her on why a professional florist makes a difference on your big day!

Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Florist

As a wedding photographer, I have photographed hundreds of wedding bouquets over the years. I see the behind the scenes of weddings as well as the finished photos after the big day. And it’s safe to say that not all wedding flowers are created equal. So today I’m sharing my top three reasons to hire a professional florist for your wedding. 

1.) Florists Know How to Build a Bouquet to Last

You will likely be carrying your bouquet around with you for most of the day. You’ll be setting it down and picking it back up again when it’s time for photos. Now, when you look at a bouquet, it might appear that some fairy god mother just picked the flowers from a field and whimsically tossed them together. And as nice as that sounds, that’s not really the case. Florists create structure in your bouquet so that it will last the entire day – despite all of the ups and downs it will go through.

Sometimes, brides or grooms will know someone who knows someone who likes to arrange flowers as a hobby. While that is awesome, things can go wrong quickly on the wedding day. I have seen DIY bouquets that are incredible, but I have seen many more of them fall apart completely – sometimes while the bride is holding it. The intentions are wonderful, but unfortunately it just doesn’t work. 

2.) They Know How to Take the Heat

Here in Indiana, the weather has a mind all it’s own. In the sweltering heat of August, your blooms are going to want to wilt. A wilted bouquet is a sad sight! Your florist is going to be prepared for this! They’ll walk you through not only what florals are in season and how to keep them fresh all day, but what flowers are going to stand up to the heat. 

3.) The DIY Route Might Not Save You as Much as You Think

I am always amazed at how many tools my florist friends use when they are creating a bouquet. And for a floral installation? They look like they should be on a home improvement show, not in a floral studio! So by the time you purchase all the things you’ll need such as floral sheers, a stem ripper, floral tape and floral pins, your total might be higher than you initially thought it would be. And this doesn’t even include blooms! 

When planning your wedding budget, be sure to consider the cost of hiring a wedding florist. The knowledge they provide on flowers alone is so valuable and they will create stunning florals for you that you will remember for years to come. It really is worth it!

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