Chelsea Hendricks- On posing for the big day

Musings from a Model- Part I

Photographer: Ralph Vandale @ralphvandale

First, let me introduce Miss Chelsea Hendricks! Chelsea is a professional model and I have had the great pleasure of getting to work with her and see her talent in-person. Ever watch America’s Next Top Model…. I am not joking it was like that. Chelsea is bringing us her ideas gleaned from her experience in posing for professionals for the past 3 years, and as a signed fashion model with Heyman Talent. This girl knows her stuff and I am so excited to bring you a series of tips from this superstar!

Posing Head to Toe:

  • Head
    • “Starting with your face, practice your smiles in the mirror. Yes smiles, as in plural! Mirrors are the closest you’re going to get to seeing what the photographer sees on the opposite end of that lens. Think of the overall vibe you want your wedding photos to have. Do you want a soft, delicate rustic vibe to your photos? Practice your soft, gentle far-off gazes, sweet smiles, nose crinkles, the works. Going for a lively vibe? Practice laughing while smiling naturally. Think of a funny moment, or get the photographer to tell you a joke to make you laugh. The smile reaches your eyes that way, giving your bridal glow a boost!
    • Your head is on a swivel – treat it as such! Elongate your neck & beware of the NO-NECK monster!”
  • Arms
    • “For a very long time I was super self-conscious of my long, dangling arms (& also upset over the fact that I couldn’t wear shorts or skirts too often to school because the fingertip length rule had me wearing knee-length items at best), but fast forward to today & I can’t seem to put them down in a photoshoot. When it comes to shooting bridal, I always think of elongation, of ballerina hands, graceful slow movements, but still, never stop moving. Just because I’m constantly mobile does not mean I’m not in control of everything I’m doing – on the contrary, every move is decidedly purposeful & I am in clear control of what every limb is doing.”
  • Legs
    • “Bridal photography usually grants you the luxury of not having to show much leg considering them being hidden under long gowns, but that should still not stop you from moving head-to-toe! Standing still in one position is not going to grant you a whole lot of versatility in your images, so don’t be afraid to walk around, twirl, & dance a little! This is your wedding day, & every aspect of it should be enjoyable & fun for you!”

I hope you have enjoyed Part I of this series! I know I have learned a lot that I am excited to try out for any picture. There will be two more parts to this series, YES TWO! Coming up is some more gold from Chelsea on preparing for your pictures and how to use props- that’s where I come in- yay! You guys can look forward to the blogs posting on the coming Monday’s in May. Thanks for reading and much love!

Credits for artists of the photos:

List for the pictures from this shoot:
  • Photographer: Ralph Vandale (@ralphvandale)   
  • Hair & Makeup: Cassie & Dee Media (@cassiendeemedia)   
  • Location: The Sanctuary at Penn     
  • Male Model: Sean Grenfell (
List for the pictures from this Editorial shoot:
  •  Photography & Backdrop: Linda Her Vang (@lvlove)     
  • Stylist: Keng Emberton (@houseofxiongfashion)   
  • Makeup Artist: Moriah Justin (@moriahjustin)     
  • Hair: Linda Her Vang (@lvlove)
List for this Styled Shoot:
  • Photographer- Heather Sherrill Photography @heathersherrillphotography
  • Florist- Satin & Stems
  • Venue- Iron & Ember @ironandemberevents
  • Model + Hair+Makeup- Guest: @miss_chelsea_adriana
  • Dress Designer- Curvy Custom Bride @curvycustombride
  • Jewelry Designer- Salame Jewelry Designs @salamejewelrydesigns

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