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Musings from a model- Part II

Preparing for your photo shoot.

I think we can all recognize that the wedding day is like an all-day photoshoot. Whether you are about to walk into your engagement shoot or the big day, these helpful tips on what to focus on and practice can really help you feel confident when that day comes. If you didn’t read Part I- go check it out to get to know more about Chelsea and her success. It has an amazing set of instructions on How to Pose. Check out more of Chelsea’s advice below on what you can do at home to prepare!

Photo: Heather Sherrill Photography
“ Skincare first!”

“Achieve a true bridal glow to last you through your big day by having your skincare routine down on lock. Cleanse, exfoliate (lips included!), & MOISTURIZE. Makeup lays flawlessly on a smooth, blank, & moisturized canvas.”

When considering this, if you think “ohh I don’t really do all of that right now,” consider adding it in at least a couple weeks before. Give yourself a little extra time for that self-care. 

  Mirrors are one of Chelsea’s best tools!

“Mirrors are the absolute best weapon in any model’s back pocket. Hours have been spent perfecting the signature pout, the “smize,” & of course a natural-looking smile. Utilize at any chance you get! The mirror acts as a tool for being able to get an idea of what the photographer is going to see through their lens, & the more practice you have in front of that mirror perfecting your posing & facial expressions, the more usable shots there will be!”

Play Music!

“I personally have a playlist titled “Photoshoot Music” consisting of a very wide variety of artists, from Selena Gomez to Cher, Taylor Swift (of course!), & I even tap into my Cuban roots with a little Maluma, Enrique Iglesias & Bad Bunny. The point is, I listen to music that makes me want to get up & MOVE! For the day of, see if the photographer is okay with playing a little playlist for you in the background, & move with the beats naturally! Whether solo or with your new partner-in-crime, you’re bound to create some beautiful moments just naturally swaying to your favorite tunes.”

Use What You’ve Got – Literally

“At some point in our lives, collectively we have delved into some athletic venture, & even stuck with it presently, such as dance, sports, yoga, etc. I’m a big believer in tapping into every single talent that you’ve got when it comes to photoshoots, & this is where that athleticism comes in. Sports, dance & yoga have taught us proper stretching & elongation of the muscles, so use that muscle memory & put it to good use! I have years of yoga that I most definitely incorporate into my posing, even modifying some traditional yoga poses- but making them fashion!”

Start adding this “practice” time into your routine! Whether you are an early riser or an evening work-out type. Take some time, turn up the music, get in-front of that mirror and WORK IT!

See you next week for another super helpful Blog with Chelsea’s next topic: Props.


  • Heather Sherrill Photography Team-
  • Model: Chelsea Hendricks @miss_Chelsea_hendricks
  • Photographer: @heathersherrillphotography
  • Florist: @elizabeth_satinandstems
  • Dress Designer: @curvycustombride
  • Jewelry: @salamejewelrydesigns

  • Ralph Vandale Team-
  • model: @miss_Chelsea_hendricks
  • Photographer: Ralph Vandale (@ralphvandale)     
  • Hair & Makeup: Cassie & Dee Media (@cassiendeemedia)     
  • Location: The Sanctuary at Penn     
  • Male Model: Sean Grenfell (

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