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Guest Chelsea Hendricks: Musings of a Model Part III For our final post, we are talking about all of the things that you have in your arsenal of “props” for a wedding day. Getting a picture of all of the things that are special to you is great, and even better if you can capture […]

How to pose with your props

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The “right” dress for ANY body I want to take a moment first to introduce Leila, in case you don’t know her or her business Curvy Custom Bride. Her bridal shop is all about creating dresses that fit your personality and body so that you don’t have to look through hundreds of the single size […]

Leila- Couture Dress Designer for Any Bride

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Musings from a model- Part II Preparing for your photo shoot. I think we can all recognize that the wedding day is like an all-day photoshoot. Whether you are about to walk into your engagement shoot or the big day, these helpful tips on what to focus on and practice can really help you feel […]

Chelsea Hendricks

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Musings from a Model- Part I First, let me introduce Miss Chelsea Hendricks! Chelsea is a professional model and I have had the great pleasure of getting to work with her and see her talent in-person. Ever watch America’s Next Top Model…. I am not joking it was like that. Chelsea is bringing us her […]

Chelsea Hendricks- On posing for the big day

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Guest writer: Alison Mae Photography I am so happy to have Alison guest write on my blog for you today! As a seasoned photographer, she has plenty of experience in the wedding field and as the person who is behind the lens, she sees everything that goes on. The photographer has a special spot in […]

Alison Stevenson- on why to hire a professional florist.

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